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If you’re responsible for the sales and marketing of instrumentation or supplies into industrial, academic or medical laboratories, Labnostics can help you gain a competitive advantage. We are happy to customise our solutions to your unique requirements.

Lead Generation

Generating actionable information on new business prospects is a challenge for many companies. Old techniques often provide diminishing returns over time.

Labnostics responds to these challenges through focused consultation with your company, customized questionnaire design, and direct technical telephone surveying of targeted databases.

The result is a hands-on approach that focuses on your unique requirements and enables tailored sales lead generation for individual products or complete product categories.

Customer Feedback

Quick feedback from end-users through the use of targeted panels of scientists working in the areas that matter to you.

A short questionnaire designed according to your requirements serves a written report that can be used as the first step in planning new marketing or product ventures.

Prospective Sales Mapping

Labnostics is dedicated to new and useful ways of generating and presenting the data you need to stay competitive in the laboratory instrument marketplace.

Currently under development, Prospective Sales Mapping will communicate market data in a geographic perspective enabling you to optimize your sales force or distributor network by layering common sales metrics with broader industry data.

Data Mining & Monitoring

Monitoring, processing and analysing data that can identify your next laboratory instrumentation sale .

Customized monitoring environments and regular reports of new sales opportunities.

Relevant information on buying activity, including new researchers, new laboratories, new research grants and awards. Competitive intelligence for laboratory instrumentation and life sciences companies.

Instrument Placement Databases

Analysis of installed base of capital equipment. Going beyond projections, Labnostics will survey specific market segments and gather comprehensive counts of instruments including data on frequency of use, applications, make, model, and date of acquisition.

Market Research

Optimize the specifications of your next product or service offering with market feedback generated using SIMALTO.

With Simultaneous Multi-Attribute Level Trade-Off (SIMALTO) analysis, up to 36 features/attributes of any product or service can be explored by your customers. You gain their precise prioritization of features within a cost parameter that will tell you how best to optimize your product or service for their use. For a detailed description of SIMALTO and Labnostics’ other market research capabilities, please email:

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